About Us

PennGrade Motor Oil added its name to Indianapolis 500 history when it became its first presenting sponsor in 2016. It was a good match. From motorsports teams, to exotic car owners, to consumers who drive all makes and models of vehicles, people looking for high-performance motor oil choose PennGrade.

As the official motor oil of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we?re proud to sponsor an event that is the pinnacle of performance and precision. This annual gathering is where race fans create their own memories ? a melting pot of lifestyles that we find define our brand.

Performance. Precision. Perfection.

Based in Lebanon, Ind., our company has Indiana roots as deep as the traditions of this race. D-A Lubricants has been the producer of quality lubricant products since its 1919 founding in Indianapolis by Frank L. Binford, father of Tom Binford, former chief steward of the Indianapolis 500. In fact the company tested its first engine oil at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1934.

Today, D-A Lubricant includes the brands PennGrade, PennGrade1 as well as D-A Lubricant itself.

In 2015 D-A Lubricant Co. acquired the iconic PennGrade 1 brand and launched the PennGrade Motor Oil line, which features oils purposely manufactured to provide exceptional wear protection for every day use.

PennGrade Motor Oil is built from the legacy of PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil, or ?the Original Green Oil.? PennGrade 1 is cut from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil from the Bradford Oil Field in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where it was first extracted in 1859. The oil has a unique green color and the ability to stick and cling to metal objects, offering full film strength to the customer. Its enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous protect vital engine components, and it has been the first choice of engine builders and equipment manufacturers for decades.

PennGrade 1 is manufactured at what was once known as the Bradford Refinery, which was later renamed the Kendall Refinery. Witco Chemical acquired the refinery in 1966, and produced both the Kendall and Amalie oil lines. Both lines became very popular with extremely loyal consumers. In 1997 Witco Chemical sold the refinery and its existing inventory to American Refining Group (ARG). While the refinery was still making oil, it had no name to sell it under. From this scenario, ARG renamed the product Brad Penn Motor Oil and tasked its salespeople to sell the oil within only 150 miles of the refinery.

As time went on, the customer base swelled outside of Pennsylvania and clamored for a high performance oil to go along the trusted Brad Penn line. After recognizing the extremely high demand and interest from engine builders and racers ARG began selling PennGrade 1 High Performance Oil, which was the same green oil this loyal group had been buying under the Kendall and Amalie names for many years. PennGrade 1 sales grew exponentially when distributors offered it to their customers because of its rich history of consistent quality at a fair price point.

How do you get where you?re going? PennGrade Motor Oil and D-A Lubricant Co. have made their way into countless high performance vehicles and every day garages by being 100 percent family owned and American made. Check out our PennGrade lifestyles. What?s yours?